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          R & D capability

          Hongxie has provincial R & D center, dedicated to the transmission system that providing NVH and torque transmission solutions. For the body system, provide body parts decoration and lightweight solutions

          -Synchronous design capability
          Clutch assembly, clutch control mechanism, flywheel damper
          Sealing decorative parts, body structure parts and body function parts
          -CAE analysis optimization capability
          CAE optimization analysis capability
          product process analysis capability
          Can effectively reduce the risk of product development
          -System matching capability
          Simulation Analysis
          ·pedal characteristic curve software simulation
          ·Crash simulation of bumper beam
          System optimization
          ·trial test、bench testing etc.
          -NVH solutions
          Dedicated to resolving vibration and noise from powertrain systems
          Accelerated abnormal sound test, car lift test and start shake test
          Data collecting a variety of test conditions
          Fault diagnosis, NVH project
          Product certification for the experiment