The quality of the preform is directly related to the quality of the plastic bottle
Source:     Published: 2017-02-22
  Preform, as a plastic bottle of semi-finished products, easy to transport, so for the processing capacity of mineral water, beverages, food manufacturers will give priority to the procurement of preforms. At the same time, professional plastic bottle processing manufacturers also need to purchase preforms for processing.
        Preform production is a more standardized process, according to caliber, weight, material, etc. to distinguish. The preform is transparent and opaque, with different colors. For the production of preforms, the biggest advantage lies in the standardization of production, you can not have too much to consider the pressure of inventory, with the same type of preform can be sold to different manufacturers.
        It can be said that the quality of the quality of the preform is directly related to the final quality of plastic bottles. This is a very important part of the bottle blowing, for the preform quality buyers to identify, which is the most critical. In addition, the relevant departments should also strengthen supervision and supervision.
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